Achieving Peace-of-Mind While on Vacation with a Home Security System Atlanta

Families across the nation are booking reservations and circling dates on the calendar for when they can get away. Spending some time away from home is always so refreshing, but leaving the home vacant for a week or so can leave your property vulnerable to theft and other dangers that might arise. The expert home security system Atlanta technicians of Audio Video Excellence have seen it all and have a few suggestions to keep your home as safe as possible so you can maintain peace-of-mind on your summer vacation trip.

2018 Vacation Protection Methods According to Home Security System Atlanta Experts

Back when most residences subscribed to a newspaper, the common practice for going out of town was to ask a neighbor, friend or family member to collect them. This precaution helped it make it appear like you were still away. That piece of advice doesn’t apply to most homes in 2018, so what safety measures can homeowners take while they’re on vacation?

Home Security System Atlanta - Mailbox1. Hold Your Mail

USPS offers a free mail holding service. If you submit a request, they will not deliver mail to your address for the duration of your trip – minimum three days and a maximum of 30 days. This service is not available in all areas, so check the USPS website to see whether you can take advantage of this service. This will prevent you from having an overstuffed mailbox when you return or enlisting a trusted one to help you. This is especially important if you’re expecting to receive letters that contain sensitive information such as bank statements.

2. Look Like Someone’s Home

Before you go on vacation this summer, prep your house to make it seem as if you’re home. Features such as smart home automation allow you to control your lighting while you’re away. Such a feature will let you turn on and off the lights of your home so that it appears as if someone is home. Leaving the lights on through the entirety of your vacation can make it seem obvious that you’re away to someone who is potentially noting your patterns.

3. Don’t Forget the Details

Did you double-check that all your windows are locked? Is the lock engaged on the pet door? What about your deadbolts? Make a checklist of what to double-check before you depart.

4. Mind Your Lawn

Make time in your schedule to ensure that the lawn is freshly trimmed just before you leave town. Doing so will hold your lawn over to make it appear as if someone’s home while you’re gone. An unkempt lawn can be a dead giveaway that the house is temporarily unoccupied.

5. Social Media Can Wait

While you’re relaxing by the pool or taking in the sights of your vacation, you might be tempted to share a few pictures from your trip. While there’s nothing wrong with uploading a few vacation photos on social media, make sure that you post them after your trip. Do not broadcast or imply that you will be or are out of town. Burglars use social media in savvy ways to figure out where you live. Protect yourself by limiting who can see your posts and being mindful of what and when you share content ― this includes Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and any other outlets.

Home Security Precautions to Take Before Vacation

Home Security System Atlanta - InfographicLeaving your home vacant for a week or so can be a risk without approaching it correctly. When going on vacation, don’t leave the house before considering these details.

1. Document Your Items

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that your home is broken into, you will want the follow-up process to be as easy as possible. Take pictures of your valuables – e.g., electronics, jewelry, musical instruments and art.

2. Get a Neighbor’s Help

Sure, you can ask the post office to hold your mail for you, but nothing beats the help of a neighbor keeping an eye on your house. If something were to happen during your vacation, your neighbor might not catch the action while it’s happening, but he or she should notice shortly after. Though it might put a damper on your vacation, responding quickly will make the post-break-in process a bit easier.

3. Out of Sight ― Out of Mind

Many of us enjoy natural light coming through the windows on a beautiful day. Don’t forget to close your blinds before you head out of town. Your smart TV is better off behind closed blinds than front-and-center and visible from the street.

4. Lock Your Home and Vehicle

If you’re leaving behind a vehicle while on vacation, be sure to secure it in a garage if possible and lock it. If you don’t have access to a garage, park your vehicle in a safe location with a sunshade propped up on your windshield.

5. Invest in a Home Security System Atlanta

The wisest investment anyone can make is in a home security system Atlanta. Studies show that homes with security systems are roughly 40 percent less likely to be the subject of a burglary. Audio Video Excellence is the area’s trusted and most reputable provider of home security systems. With your best interest in mind, Audio Video Excellence specializes in providing the following home security precautions:

  • Burglary Protection
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance
  • Integrated Home Automation
  • Cellular Wireless
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Custom Installation

Get Your Home Security System Atlanta from Audio Video Excellence

Before going on vacation this summer, protect your home, family and valuables with a home security system Atlanta from Audio Video Excellence. Our experienced technicians are fully licensed and have more than 130 years combined experience in the industry. This not only makes us a trusted provider of monitored security systems, but it also can give you confidence in knowing exactly who is installing your home’s security system. We take pride ourselves in finding the perfect security system for your home. For individualized services and solutions, contact Audio Video Excellence today at 855-275-8926 or [email protected] to give the gift of smart home automation installation.