Home Security Systems

Did you know that a home burglary occurs about every 13 seconds in the United States? And, out of that about 61% of these burglaries occur due to forcible entry.

Nothing is more important than the safety of your family. After that however, the costs of replacing your possessions can be astronomical and if there is additional damage to repair, then you could be looking at thousands of dollars that insurance may not cover. Every year over 2 million homes are burglarized costing homeowners an average $2,000.

You home is your investment but your family is your everything. You need a security system you can depend on to keep your family and your investments safe. At AVX we value our clients and strive to be a single-source smart home technology solution from the entertainment side all the way to safety and security.

AVX is a security monitoring and installation company like no other. We offer the latest security systems technology with the highest quality installation for homeowners. In addition, we offer dedicated maintenance and repair services as well as our very AVX App to assure when you need us we are there 24/7.

Don’t Trust Just Anyone

Don’t trust some ‘cookie cutter’ system provider for your family’s security. Your security system installation requires a team that can design and install a security system that meets your home and family’s unique needs. Our experienced technicians are fully licensed and have over 130 years combined experience in the industry. This not only makes us a trusted provider of monitored security systems but also, can give you confidence in knowing exactly who is installing your home’s security system.

Our Security Systems’ services include:

  • Burglary Protection
  • Fire Monitoring
  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring
  • Video Surveillance
  • Integrated Home Automation
  • Cellular Wireless
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Custom Installation