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Control & Automate Your Entire Home With Voice Commands & Smart Devices

Bring your home into the future with a smart home automation system professionally planned and installed by the Audio Video Excellence team.
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Sick of getting up to turn off the lights or turn on the fan? Forget to close the garage door before going to bed? Want security lights to activate at specific times or in certain situations?

Home automation makes life easier and more enjoyable. There are so many things to do and think about – let a professionally planned and installed home automation system take some things off your plate.

What is a Home Automation System?

Home Automation is here to simplify our lives. It gives us the power to control and automate everyday tasks using voice controls and smart devices. vast amounts of devices are now able to be automated, but you may find yourself asking ” what devices do i need and why? “. At AVX we are tasked with integrating these devices by listening and consulting your dreams for your home.

How does Home Automation Work?

Home Automation is created using devices connected through the internet. Most devices utilize applications that will tell the device what to do over the internet connection. We take multiple applications and integrate them to work with each other. This gives the end user seamless control of multiple aspects in the home.

What Can Home Automation Systems Control?


Lighting automation uses a mix of smart bulbs and smart switches to automate your lighting using vocal phrases or a smart device. We can create vacation modes that allow your home to turn on and off lights while you are away. Or coming home with a certain series of lights turned on so you never walk into a dark home.

Smart Locks and Doorbells.

See who is at the door using a smart doorbell. Once you verify, unlock the door using the smart lock all without leaving the couch.

Smart GarageDoors

With A smart garage door never question if you left it open. remotely check the status of your garage door anywhere. if you left it open, no worries just use the app to close it.

Smart Shades

Walking around the house to close all of the blinds is a thing of the past. With one touch, close or open multiple rooms.

What is the Best Home Automation / Smart Home System?

We don’t just sell boxes. AVX will tailor an automation system for you and your family to help your home better serve you.

With automated lighting, you never walk into a dark home, or trigger your favorite music just by pulling in the driveway. Automatically close your garage door by simply driving away.

Want to watch your favorite movie? Simply say “Start my movie”, and the TV turns on, lights dim, the curtains close, and the experience begins. There’s so many IoT (Internet of Things) devices available to help your home fit into your lifestyle. Technology should not be intimidating or scary – we are here to make sure its not.

How Much Do Home Automation Systems Cost?

You can add a few controllable lights for a couple hundred dollars, or control every light in your home can average around $5/sq ft installed.

Automated shades have many options for control, type of shade, and fabric. A single window can be a few hundred to many thousands of dollars.

Smart devices are getting cheaper and many of your modern electronics have smart features built in. A lot of the time, we can integrate your smart devices in a few hours and a couple of smart apps.

A full home automation system will require a processor or main brain of the system as well as many other parts to control the devices, so it’s important for you to reach out and request a quote to get a true cost estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Automation Systems

Do you install one integrated system or do you combine multiple systems together?

As integrators our job is to make multiple systems work together. for automation we enjoy working with the customer to find the product that best fits their needs. this may include using a few different brands to accomplish the goal. 

What’s the best home automation system?

The best automation system is the one we create and customize for you. There is no single best home automation system – it’s really about customizing a system to your specific needs.

Do home automation systems require a lot of maintenance?

Most new home automation devices use automatic firmware updates. this prolongs the life of your products and keeps them running on the newest software. this not only minimizes maintenance, but also creates less headache for the end user.

What happens if something breaks?

You have us ready to help! we have a tech support line ready and trained on your systems, to assist you in case of any issues.

Can I use existing automation products that I already own?

Most products these day work with each other. feel free to ask us about your existing products and this will help us know what we need to add to your system. this helps everything work in harmony.

Ready to Discuss Your Project?

It doesn’t cost anything to reach out for more information and to get a quote from us. Just fill out the free quote form and we’ll be in touch.

testimonial stars

Kinda epic and life changing! After mounting our new TV over the fire place and upgrading our sound system, Robert showed us how to connect to the “internet of things” and control everything with voice commands. We went from three remotes to a sleek clean voice activated system. I just can’t say enough. All wires hidden. Amazing!

Kirby Hobba
Verified Google Review
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AVX just finished installing a fantastic outdoor audio system around our pool. I can’t believe the sound quality and the amphitheater feel! Robert was great to work with and took the time to go over the equipment with us. Thanks guys, excellent work!

Michael Hudson
Verified Google Review
testimonial stars

What a great team of expert installers and corporate leadership. AVX showed up on time reviewed what needed to be done, completed the work the same day, cleaned up, and walked me through how it all worked. I highly recommend AVX for any of your audio/visual installation needs for your home or business.

Jason May
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testimonial stars

Robert and April installed a flat screen above our mantel and we absolutely love it. Not only were they able to ensure the cords from the tv didn’t show, but they were also able to hook up our Xbox and Nintendo Switch without the cords or systems showing. Our living room looks a million times better thanks to AVX. I would highly recommend this business!

Anna Wyatt
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