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Don't wait until your home is built to plan for audio and video. You'll save money by doing the planning early and pre-wiring your home!
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Is your home under construction or are you planning on building a home in the near future? If you want that home to be equipped for multi-room home audio, a home theater, or home surveillance, then reach out to us ASAP about pre-wiring.

What is Home Pre-Wiring & Why Is It Important?

A pre-wire means that we would come in during the construction and planning process to decide on all of the low voltage locations that would be best served. 

The pre-wire is planning for current and possible future needs. Pre-wiring is always faster and more cost effective that adding wiring after construction has been completed.

Wiring for data, phone, audio, video, and surveillance systems is an intricate part of home construction.

Anywhere you want to put a TV, audio system, computer, or home automation component will require low voltage wiring to support that equipment. It’s far more expensive to do this type of wiring after a home is built, which is why pre-wiring is the way to go.

Pre-Wiring for Home Theaters

If you know you’re going to want a custom home theater at some point – even if you’re not ready to completely build it out yet – you’ll want to get the pre-wiring done before your home is finished. This will greatly cut down on home theater installation costs.

Pre-Wiring for Home Audio

Audio systems are often overlooked, but a very important part of the overall feel and ambiance to your space.  Multi-room audio in your home will provide a more inviting and comfortable space for your guests. 

Our goal is to distribute a consistent and comfortable listening experience for everyone in your home. A pre-wire allows us to layout rooms with the correct speaker placement and size while again saving some money by running the wiring beforehand.

Pre-Wiring for Home Surveillance

Surveillance wiring is now run over the same Category cable as your phones and computers.  Gone are the old grainy analog systems!

IP cameras systems allow for a much greater picture and resolution for much better results.  Pre-wiring for your home surveillance system allows for easy access to get the camera to the right location, for the best results.  

The Pre-Wiring Process

The earlier we are involved, the easier it is for everyone!  We work directly with your electrician, General contractor, HVAC company, flooring, etc… The goal is to work in tandem with all the trades on your construction project to make the installation smooth and seamless. 

AVX will monitor schedules from wall covering, to floors, to furniture installation to insure that your low-voltage is on time, every time!  This all starts with planning.  Where are you putting desks? What about TV’s? What content are you showing on those TV’s? What are the surveillance needs?

There will be many questions to be answered during this planning stage.  Then, in most cases, we will have permitting – another important reason for AVX to be involved early on in the process.

Permitting with a local municipality can sometimes be done online through a very smooth process. Other times it requires lots of back and forth to get the correct permit.

We need to make sure that permitting won’t impede the construction process. AVX is licensed Low-Voltage Unrestricted (LVU) in the state of Georgia and will take care of permitting start to finish.

Then comes the wiring.  We come in and wire the space according to plan and prep for wall coverings and inspections.  This includes labeling every wire, every time.  We will also inspect our runs for possible damage or defect that wouldn’t be easy to spot or fix later on. 

We will also be preparing the walls by securing the wires out of harms way preventing other trades from inadvertently pinch or damage our cabling.   We take extra care to make sure our job is easy and efficient so that when we come back to install equipment, everything runs smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Pre-Wiring

How Much Does Pre-Wiring Cost?

That depends on the space, job requirements, type of wire used, etc… For example, longer audio runs will require a larger and more expensive speaker cable.  Fiber optic for data, is more expensive than category cable. There is also category cable called Plenum wire.  Plenum wiring is 3-4 times the cost of standard data wiring and is required when your construction project has plenum ceilings.  Contact us for more information.

How soon should I get AVX involved in my home pre-wiring project?

As soon as possible.  The earlier the better.  Our team will sit and discuss your dream and help it become a reality. 

How do I coordinate pre-wiring with builders and contractors?

Your team works with our team! We can work with the decision makers?  This could be the IT department, to decide where computers and printers are going. This could be the interior designer to decide desk locations.  This could be your security team for camera coverage.  You, your builder, your spouse… anyone that would be making decisions or using the space would be helpful for AVX to design the right system and layout for your space.

How far will AVX travel for a pre-wiring project?

AVX is based in Atlanta, GA. We primarily cover the Southeastern United States, but have completed projects from Chicago to the Florida Keys. And from Texas to Virginia!  We want to make your installation smooth and simple.  Give us a call to see how we can help.

When do you pre-wire a home?

Low Voltage pre-wiring is typically installed or ran after electrical and before wall coverings and insulation.  We come in after electrical because our locations and cabling is more flexible.  We are able to place our Head-end, or data closet, much more flexibly than the electrical contractor anywhere in building.  There are also different standards across the electrical industry about receptacle heights, and conduit requirements, that make low voltage wiring easier to change locations than your High voltage(electrical).

Ready to Discuss Your Project?

It doesn’t cost anything to reach out for more information and to get a quote from us. Just fill out the free quote form and we’ll be in touch.

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Robert and April installed a flat screen above our mantel and we absolutely love it. Not only were they able to ensure the cords from the tv didn’t show, but they were also able to hook up our Xbox and Nintendo Switch without the cords or systems showing. Our living room looks a million times better thanks to AVX. I would highly recommend this business!

Anna Wyatt
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Kinda epic and life changing! After mounting our new TV over the fire place and upgrading our sound system, Robert showed us how to connect to the “internet of things” and control everything with voice commands. We went from three remotes to a sleek clean voice activated system. I just can’t say enough. All wires hidden. Amazing!

Kirby Hobba
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What a great team of expert installers and corporate leadership. AVX showed up on time reviewed what needed to be done, completed the work the same day, cleaned up, and walked me through how it all worked. I highly recommend AVX for any of your audio/visual installation needs for your home or business.

Jason May
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AVX just finished installing a fantastic outdoor audio system around our pool. I can’t believe the sound quality and the amphitheater feel! Robert was great to work with and took the time to go over the equipment with us. Thanks guys, excellent work!

Michael Hudson
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