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Is your business looking for ways to streamline operations, improve communication, entertain, or even advertise internally? Let’s discuss how multi-room audio and video can help your organization.

Why Companies Need Multi-Room Audio & Video

The use for multi-room audio and video depends on the type of organization. A small local coffee shop might want an audio system to pump in the perfect ambiance for their customers while a church or corporation may need a large-scale, sophisticated multi-room audio-visual setup.

The key here is that expertise is important in both the planning and installation phase and that’s exactly what AVX provides. We don’t just order equipment and install it – we figure out the exact use cases for your organization, plan every part of the system and installation, and then professionally install the system and train your team on how to use it.

Conference Room Audio & Video

Training Rooms & Collaboration Areas

Audio & Video for Churches & Worship Spaces

Waiting Rooms, Dr. Offices, Lobbies, & More…

Video Conferencing

We also provide assistance with planning and installation video conferencing systems and integrating these systems seamlessly with remote workers. If you need help with video conferencing, reach out!

How We Plan Multi-Room Audio & Video Installations for Your Company

  • 1st Call – An audiovisual expert will listen to assess what your needs are and offer you the best options that meet your budget, style and structural capabilities.
  • Design – Our expert team of licensed audiovisual professionals will work with you or your interior designer to produce a unique design that is customized for your home theater needs but, more importantly your imagination’s desires. *If an interior design professional is needed, through our close partnerships we can provide with several to meet your individual style and design tastes.
  • Plan – Once a design is in place our licensed audiovisual experts will provide a detailed plan to install your home theater. Our plan will assure careful delivery and installation of all audiovisual equipment, structural (ceiling tiles, flooring, wall materials, etc.) enhancements, home theater seating and decor as well as any partner customized, renovations to be completed.

How we Handle Multi-Room Audio & Video Installation For Your Company

  • Installation – Your installation time will depend on several factors including: complexity of installation (wiring, technology set up, etc.) construction needs and technology set up.
  • Training – After installation is complete we’ll make sure that your team members who are responsible for operating the system are properly trained and confident in using each part of the system.
  • Completion Review – As excellence is part of our name we are dedicated to our customers’ complete satisfaction. We will not leave until we know that your home theater meets all your expectations.

Things to Consider with Multi-Room Commercial Audio & Video

To make sure the audio and video system you get meets the needs of your business and works well with your space, we have to take your goals, programming, and even clientele into consideration. This is why it’s important to work with a company like AVX – we create custom systems to match every single project.

Multi-Room Audio & Video Brands We Trust

  • Key Digital
  • Vanco
  • Binary
  • Universal Remote Control (URC)
  • Crestron
  • Just Add Power
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Planar
  • Sony
  • Epson
  • Digital Projections (DPI)
  • Screen Innovations
  • Dragonfly
  • Sunbrite
  • Draper
  • Stewart Film Screens
  • Crown
  • Episode
  • Origin Accoustics
  • Tru Audio
  • Audio Controls

Frequently Asked Questions Companies Have About Multi-Room Commercial Audio & Video

Do we have to get everything installed at once or can we add components over time?

With our systems we like to build a solid foundation that we can build on. once we recommend that foundation we can grow as you grow.

Will the system be wireless or wired?

We utilize wired and wireless device to create your system. a lot of factors go into our design, such as access to certain areas, and  devices we need to accomplish our goal.

Is the installation invasive? How long will it take?

Installation of course depends on the size of system. We work with you on scheduling, installation times, and keeping our work spaces clean during business hours. We also offer after hours installation for clients.

Why would I put audio in my office?

Music is welcoming, we work with our clients to give their customers an experience not just a visit. Car dealerships to Dr offices, cool jazz, to today’s top hits, we create new experiences every day that reflect your business.

How do I connect to the system and control it? Is it easy? Is it secure?

We offer different levels of control, some customers want a simple as possible, some want more in depth features and customization. we offer all of the above.

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testimonial stars

What a great team of expert installers and corporate leadership. AVX showed up on time reviewed what needed to be done, completed the work the same day, cleaned up, and walked me through how it all worked. I highly recommend AVX for any of your audio/visual installation needs for your home or business.

Jason May
Verified Google Review
testimonial stars

Robert and April installed a flat screen above our mantel and we absolutely love it. Not only were they able to ensure the cords from the tv didn’t show, but they were also able to hook up our Xbox and Nintendo Switch without the cords or systems showing. Our living room looks a million times better thanks to AVX. I would highly recommend this business!

Anna Wyatt
Verified Google Review
testimonial stars

AVX just finished installing a fantastic outdoor audio system around our pool. I can’t believe the sound quality and the amphitheater feel! Robert was great to work with and took the time to go over the equipment with us. Thanks guys, excellent work!

Michael Hudson
Verified Google Review
testimonial stars

Kinda epic and life changing! After mounting our new TV over the fire place and upgrading our sound system, Robert showed us how to connect to the “internet of things” and control everything with voice commands. We went from three remotes to a sleek clean voice activated system. I just can’t say enough. All wires hidden. Amazing!

Kirby Hobba
Verified Google Review