Everyone Wins with Smart Home Automation Installation

Everyone knows that moment of panic when you try to recall whether or not you turned the television off this morning. What they say about homeownership is true in a lot of cases: When you own a home, it owns you. With all of the miscellaneous tasks involved with owning a home, homeowners need all the help they can get. What if you could get ease-of-mind? With Father’s Day just around the corner, lend Dad a hand by giving the gift of smart home automation installation.

Smart Home Automation Installation Increases Your Ease of Living

Smart Home Automation Installation - TabletRunning the air conditioning throughout the day – even at a warmer temperature – can be pricey, but no one likes walking into a warm, stuffy house after a long day at the office, which leaves some homeowners letting their HVAC units run all day long. With smart home automation installation, this will no longer be an issue. The controls of your thermostat can be easily and securely controlled remotely via your smartphone. Not only is this convenient for when you’re away from home, but this is also useful for when you’re comfortable in another room and need to adjust the thermostat, even while tucked away in bed.

Climate control is only one of the many benefits of smart home automation installation. Control your appliances, media system, and more by investing in smart house technologies. Having remote access to your security system allows you to avoid falling victim to porch pirates. While you’re on vacation, turn on and off your lights during certain hours of the day to give the illusion that you’re in town. From security measures to conveniences, the innovative technologies of smart homes make living easier.

Your Entire Home Can Benefit from Smart Home Automation Installation

  • Climate Control
  • Media Entertainment
  • Security Systems
  • Lighting
  • Appliances

Improve Your Home Value with Smart Home Automation Installation

Smart Home Automation Installation - Real EstateThe 2018 real estate market is incredibly competitive. Buyers have a smaller window than ever to put in an offer before their house is off the market. Buyers of all ages are more likely to put a bid on a house with smart home technologies over a listing that does not, and 70 percent of buyers under 35 are willing to pay more for houses with such features. Acting on smart home automation installation will increase your ROI while improving your standard of living.

Why Do Homeowners Want Smart Home Automation Installation?

Residences with smart home technologies are safer, more efficient and perform better on the open real estate market. Upgrading a house to a smart home is the gift that any homeowner would truly appreciate. It’s a wanted gift that has standing power and will put a smile on the faces of everyone in your family.

Call AVX For Smart Home Automation Installation

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