Smart Home Technology


AVX Can Make Your Home Run Itself

When it comes to smoothly running your home you deserve for things to be easier. Just navigating Atlanta traffic is hard enough. Home automation or smart house technology is providing the perfect solution for the busy, working family life. With the AVX team of home technology experts, your home’s daily tasks can become harmonious and consistent. Using the latest industry technology, superior products and drawing on years of experience, our licensed and certified technicians will precisely design and customize a system that meets your home and family’s unique needs.

Whether your needs are automating your home’s climate control, media entertainment, security systems, lighting or appliances, AVX can provide you with the latest technology solutions that will make you feel like your home runs itself.

Gone are the days of complex control centers of switches and knobs that not only are too complicated to operate but, also ruin your home’s décor. With AVX’s dedication to excellence our technology experts will provide you with on-touch solutions that will make running your home a breeze and can save your in energy costs. In addition, one of the best investments homeowners can make to increase their home’s value is by incorporating home automation. According to ERA Real Estate and HGTV, 46% of new home buyers are looking for smart house technology as part of their new home’s features.

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