This holiday season, you are going to away from your home as much as you are going to be in it. Even if you have family or friends coming in to stay and celebrate the season, you’ll still have plenty of nights out, at parties and gatherings of all kinds. And that is only if you are staying in town; a lot of us are going to be the ones doing the visiting, leaving our homes for days and weeks at a time. Of course, AVX home security systems can help keep your home safe while you are away, but what you may not have considered is how smart home automation installation from AVX can not only protect your home, but keep it running as if you were never away at all.

Keep your home running with smart home automation installation

Being away from home, especially during the holiday season, can be the cause of a lot of worries. Even with a home security system keeping the badsmart home automation installation guys away, a smart home automation installation can give the added piece of mind of knowing your home is operating exactly like normal. This means not just the security system being powered on, but lights coming on and off on timers, with the rising and setting of the sun or by way of your smartphone. This could mean the heating system in your home coming on at set intervals, keeping things warm enough to stave off freezing temperatures (and freezing pipes, a huge issue), but not burning through your dollars by way of high electrical bills. A home without smart home automation installation might just be left with the heat running, a huge expense and even a danger; a heating system could burn out and possibly even start a fire.

Smart home automation installation can mean even more than just lights and heat; all kinds of systems can be set to run automatically or by way of a smartphone. Even pet feeders can be set this way, dispensing food at the right times for whatever animal you might need to leave home while you are away! Beyond that, a smart home automation installation can mean plenty of fun and convenience for when you are home as well. AVX can get things like your home theater, Sonos home audio systems and even outdoor entertainment systems smart home automation installationintegrated and running with the touch of a button. As much as it might seem like an episode of The Jetsons, all these things are more than possible with a smart home automation installation from AVX!

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Whether you are looking to keep your home running like normal while you are away for the holidays or you just want the convenience of smart home automation installation for when you are home, AVX are the people to trust to get things up and running. Give us a call at (855)-856-9289 or send us an email at [email protected] for a free quote. AVX can get your whole home running like clockwork this holiday season – or any time!