Ever since The Cosby Show’s run in the 1980’s, or maybe even earlier than that, the running pop culture joke is that every dad out there seems to get the same present for Father’s Day – ties. Since humor is generally based on shared human experience, for dad’s the gag is far more depressing than it is funny. Have you ever gotten a tie as a gift? It’s a letdown on par with getting a toothbrush while you are trick or treating on Halloween. Or having a kid bring home an ashtray from pottery class when no one in the house smokes. You try to seem happy, but a little part of you dies inside when an anticipated gift turns out to be something you not only didn’t want, but they very thing you were dreading might be inside that nicely wrapped box. The moment you handed your dad that Father’s Day present, he knew, and the thing he really wanted would have to remain a dream until the following June. Don’t blow it again next year; give AVX a call and give dad what he really wants: a golf simulator for his man cave.

What is a golf simulator?

In the same way every 13-year-old girl wants a pony for Christmas, every dad wants a golf simulator for Father’sgolf simulator Day. But what is a golf simulator? In short, it’s a pseudo-virtual reality experience and a nexus of many different state-of-the-art pieces of technology. Audio, video, motion tracking, projection television and screens, all of it comes together to provide a golfing experience only barely outclassed by the real thing. Not only does a state-of-the-art in-home golf simulator help your dad work on his swing when he can’t hit the links and play 18 holes – dads are usually pretty busy – some golf simulators allow him to virtually play on the most famous and challenging golf courses on the planet. Most dads will never get a chance to play in the Masters, but how great would it be if he could play the same holes as the pros without ever leaving the house?golf simulator

Choose AVX to get dear old dad the golf simulator he’s always wished for

AVX is unparalleled in our skill with these technologies, so bringing them together into a seamless, realistic experience falls right into what we do best. At AVX, we offer the perfect solution to step up your golf game and have fun doing it. As a licensed vendor of the X GOLF  Simulator line, we bring the hooks, putts and drives right into your home. If you are ready to take your dad’s game to the next level with a new X GOLF simulator, give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a quote. Just, please, take it from this dad – no more ties. We love you, but enough is enough.