The X GOLF Golf Simulator

The PGA is just one swing away.

Golfers take their game seriously. Unfortunately Georgia weather does not always cooperate. Summers leave golfers fighting 100° temps, fall is torrential rains, spring is the battle of pollen and winters well are just cold! Finding time to play golf can become impossible for between navigating Atlanta traffic and demanding corporate work hours.

At AVX, we offer the perfect solution to step up your golf game and have fun doing it. As a licensed vendor of the X GOLF golf simulator line, bring the golf course to you in unimaginable ways.

Professionally engineered, technology driven golf simulators offer golf enthusiasts the challenges of playing a PGA level course in the comfort of their own home theater. With the help of high-speed light sensors and cameras along with 3-D graphics, players are given an incredibly life-like experience. The best part is with X GOLF’s patented sensor technology it’s like having your very own golf instructor in house. Depending on your simulator’s featuresyou can increase your golf game through the X GOLF lesson and club fitting system by synchronizing data of swing video, club movement, ball rotation, weight distribution data via only onetime swing analysis platform.

Always dreamed of playing the world’s best golf courses but have no time to travel? With the X GOLF golf simulator you can go wherever your imagination takes you including with the optional design of creating your own golf course. The PGA experience is yours.

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