Home Theater Installation Will Prep Your Basement for the Ultimate Football Experience

Can you believe that college football is back next month? It seems like just yesterday that the Georgia Bulldogs suffered that crushing loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide, but Kirby Smart and the boys are back at it again this year ready for revenge. According to Vegas, UGA has the third highest odds to take the title this year, which means that this upcoming season is the perfect time to up your man cave game. Make your home a party venue of choice this season with home theater installation Atlanta by Audio Video Excellence.

Ways Professional Home Theater Installation Atlanta can Improve Gameday

Home Theater Installation Atlanta - InfographicWhen the two sides take the field, fans are all in and ready for hours of enjoyable competitive football. With fingers crossed that the doorbell doesn’t ring, we set aside Saturdays for the exhilarating beauty of college football. Are you getting the most of your in-home game-watching experience? A custom-tailored environment with optimal video and audio by home theater installation Atlanta professionals can enhance your gameday experience like you wouldn’t imagine.


Think back to the first time you saw a game of football in HD. Back when plasma TVs were the big thing in the early 2000s, we were blown away by the quality. Picture quality has gotten significantly crisper since then, and it has even improved since just five years ago. The quality of technology is constantly on an upward trajectory, and games are broadcasted in a format that can only be fully enjoyed with the equipment that can support it. High-definition is essentially a standard at this point, but even higher definitions exist, believe it or not, and they’re mind-blowing. Expect to be impressed with the significant upgrade of quality you’ll notice by viewing every down in 1080p. You won’t want to go back to a lower definition after experiencing the latest high-quality format trends.


Video quality isn’t the only way to get your man cave football ready! Re-create the stadium experience by immersing yourself in top audio selections. A next-level audio system will transport you from your couch to the stadium itself – the only difference is that beer is a lot cheaper at your house, and you’ll get all the benefits of seeing stats on the screen, quality replays and the down lines that are exclusive to the at-home experience. These visual enhancements only complement your system’s booming subwoofers and crisp audio that will make your viewing party the envy of the neighborhood and office. A lot of homeowners buy a soundbar or surround sound system and simply place the speakers wherever they fit, but audio has many variables other than equipment that affect quality. A trained home theater Atlanta professional could evaluate your room and seating arrangement to optimize the best location for your audio system’s components. All this could be done without compromising the ascetics of your room because a professional can discretely hide cables and keep the visuals of your room untainted.


Remember back in the day when your dad had an old recliner that he watched all the games in? Ever dad had a lounger ridden with stains and lopsided cushions, but those days are behind us. With access to so many quality products, designers and concepts, any basement can be transformed into a premier viewing area that’s perfect for watching sports, a movie with the family or even a relaxing Netflix night with loved ones. A professional will analyze your room and determine what type of seating arrangement fits your needs. Every seat can be the best seat in the house with elevated stadium seating.


One of the best parts of staying at home for a game is missing out on the bathroom’s long lines and, as mentioned before, the insane price of beer. Not only could you crack open a cold one straight from the fridge when at home, but you could up your game by adding a wet bar. You can’t enjoy a Long Island iced tea or a mojito in the stadium. Complete your man cave with the perfect wet bar that will keep you sipping throughout the game and satisfy your guests.

Anyone who has ever hosted a viewing party – whether for a routine exhibition, rivalry or championship game – knows that some guests are not engaged with the game from the coin flip to the final buzzer. Some football partygoers, even if it’s the most hardcore fans during halftime, end up looking for something else to do at some point during the game. Make your basement perfect for everyone at your next football party by adding games such as pool, foosball or darts. Even an old arcade machine could add a new life into your basement and the parties hosted there. Be the football party venue of choice with a variance of options.


Atlanta is the capital of college football, and we have fans of every team here. UGA, Tech, Bama, Auburn, Clemson and the list goes on – everyone has a beloved team they pull for. Whether it’s the ol’ alma mater, your family’s longtime favorite team or even the local school, fans take pride in their schools. A lot of times, it affects personalities, even down to our wardrobe. Imagine the irony of a Crimson Tide fan wearing an Auburn-orange shirt; that would never happen. Reflect your fandom in your man cave by decking it out with your school’s colors. Memorabilia such as a signed ball, rustic wall art with your team’s logo or an accent wall with the school’s official color could transform your basement into the ultimate fan experience.

Why Consult with Home Theater Installation Atlanta Professionals?

Saturdays are for football. From kickoff to double overtime, your basement is your weekend palace. We all live for the weekends, so make your man cave a destination for your time away from the office. You want it to be as professional looking, functional and impressive as possible, so count on the pros to get that done for you. From the best audio and video formats to capping off your basement with top amenities, trust Audio Video Excellence to transform your basement into the perfect football getaway.

Count on AVX For Your Ultimate Home Theater Installation Atlanta

Audio Video Excellence is the area’s crew of trusted professionals for home theater installation Atlanta. We take pride in creating environments where friends and families can make memories, which is why our quality services were featured in Forsyth County News’ Renovate in 8 as a premier installation and design company. For individualized services and solutions, contact Audio Video Excellence today at 855-275-8926 or [email protected] to get your ultimate man cave.