The leaves are getting ready to change, the air is cooling off and the kids are back in school. For a lot of people, this means one thing and one thing only: football season. Especially in the south, the fall means your favorite teams suiting up for another season of rivalries, upsets, highs and lows. It means Alabama and Auburn fans bickering, Florida and Georgia fans bickering, tailgating, visits to college towns and entire Saturdays spent in front of the TV. While we here at AVX can’t help you with which team is your favorite and the fighting over it at Thanksgiving, but we can help make sure your college football season is the best it can possibly be. How? By helping you host the ultimate football party with an AVX home theater of course!

A legendary home football party experience

When it comes to following your favorite team this fall, and more importantly, throwing the ultimate football partyfootball party for all your friends and teammates, there are two ways to do it – the AVX way and the wrong way. Do you want all those people at your house huddled around a tiny CRT TV, struggling to make out what’s going on? Do you want yelling matches breaking out over who is talking vs. hearing the play-by-play? And, worst of all, do you want your football party attendees leaving, thinking, “I Should have just watched the game at home” or worse yet, “I should have just watched it on my phone”? No, of course not. If you are a serious college football fan, you need to do your college football season and football party the right way – the AVX way.

What is the AVX way, you might ask? A look through our completed projects might tell part of the story, but not allhome theater of it. Home theater is our business, and we are, quite simply, the best at what we do. In setting up a home theater for your football party or entire college football season, we will work with you to make sure every last detail is tailored to your needs. Everything from the television to the sound system to the room itself is in your hands. Want to install a set of movie theater-style seats? Or is a number of reclining La-Z-Boy style chairs more to your liking? Do you need full surround sound, with booming bass enough to shake the foundations of your entire neighborhood? Or is a giant screen HD TV more important? All the nuances of creating a perfect home theater are ones we’ve perfected from our years of experience, and your home theater is limited only by your budget and imagination. Do your college football season the right way, the AVX way.

Call AVX today for the perfect football party!

The season is starting soon; don’t waste any time – call AVX today! Our team has over 130 years of shared experience in designing and building home theater systems, and they are a name you can trust to deliver the most amazing home theater experience possible. Give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a free quote; let AVX take your college football party to a whole new level this fall.