What are you getting your dad for Christmas? A tie? Some new power tool or gadget? Something even dumber and more cliché? Unfortunately, dad, more than any other family member, is usually the recipient of the world’s stupidest gifts, from the singing fish plaque to the – you guessed it – leg lamp from The Christmas Story (“frag-il-e… must be Italian”), and it is time we make a change. Dad works hard, drives a minivan, coaches Little League and is always there in case of a bad dream or skinned knee, so isn’t it about time we get him what he really wants for Christmas? This Christmas, show dad you truly appreciate all he does with the gift that tops every dad’s list – a home golf simulator from AVX.

Make this year the year of the home golf simulator

At AVX, we want to help get dad one step closer to the PGA this Christmas. No, not by getting him a home golf simulatormembership to Augusta National or bribing some official, but by installing the gift he’d really love, an X Golf home golf simulator. In the comfort of your AVX home theater, an X Golf home golf simulator can transform your dad from chump to champ in no time, and what dad wouldn’t want that?

An X Golf home golf simulator uses high speed light sensors and cameras, paired with 3D graphics, to treat a player to the most true-to-life golf experience this side of the actual green. Sensors detect player movement and swings, and can analyze and break down what is right and what is wrong with said player’s form and stance. With additional features installed, an X Golf home golf simulator can be like having a pro in your very own home, able to help with club choice and swing breakdowns, and also things like club movement, ball rotation and weight distribution data. Perhaps the home golf simulatorcoolest feature, however, is the ability to virtually play on the world’s best courses, or even design one yourself. No matter what your dad’s skill level, an X Golf home golf simulator from AVX is sure to make him a pro in no time.

Call AVX today!

There is still time before Christmas to make sure dad doesn’t get another coffee mug or briefcase; give AVX a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a quote on what every dad really wants – an X Golf home golf simulator.