Must-Have Devices for Smart Home Automation Installation in Atlanta

The world we live in now is more convenient than ever before. We walk around with powerful computers disguised as phones in our pockets – we use technology on a regular basis to help make the most of our everyday lives. Thanks to the innovation of technology’s brightest minds, smart home technology can be integrated to improve your home’s efficiency and value. To help you decide which features will be most useful your family, our smart home automation installation in Atlanta specialists have compiled a list of the top features of smart homes.


The Best Devices for Smart Home Automation Installation in Atlanta

If you want to live in an optimized house that will add convenience and value to your life, our smart home automation installation in Atlanta professionals suggest considering the following technologies for your house.

1. Climate Control

As probably the most popular advantage of upgrading to smart home technologies, climate control automation can increase your home’s efficiency. Popular devices and integrations can accrue information from your thermostat trends, the weather outside and the temperature inside to create an optimized schedule that will keep your family comfortable and your bank account happy.

Smart-Home-Automation-Installation-Atlanta-Security2. Security

Home security is now more advanced and affordable than ever before. Remember the days when you would have to invest in viewing equipment like monitors and tapes to securely document and protect your house? Now, smart security systems can stream what’s captured on the camera directly to your laptop, smartphone or tablet. In addition to video surveillance, security systems nowadays include burglary protection, fire monitoring, 24/7 professional monitoring and more.

3. Lighting

A lot of security experts will tell you that one of the better ways to protect your home when you’re out of town is to make it appear as if someone is home. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to incorporate smart lighting into your home. In addition to having the ability to remotely control the bulbs, smart lights are great for efficiency and aesthetics because they can adjust their brightness based on the natural light of your environment is. Much like your phone will adjust its dimness based on how bright it is where you are, smart lights will illuminate at an appropriate brightness for your best experience.

4. Doorbell

What do you get when you combine the innocence of a peephole with the innovation of 2018? Smart doorbells are popular smart home automation installation in Atlanta devices because they allow two-way conversations between whoever is home and any visitor at your doorstep. Having the ability to observe who’s ringing the doorbell from a safe distance is great for when you’re expecting a delivery, when the kids are home alone and any time you get an unexpected visitor to your home.

5. Smart Plugs

Anyone who has ever stayed up late watching TV has probably seen an infomercial for The Clapper. This as-seen-on-TV product paved the way for new technologies to emerge and help our homes run better. Smart plugs are Wi-Fi enabled devices you can insert into any outlet to power your electronics, which allow you to control whether those devices are on or off. This can be used to save energy regarding usage of lamps, fans and other common devices.

6. Smoke Detection

Carbon monoxide monitoring is a must for any household. In addition to keeping your home safe, Wi-Fi enabled smoke detectors will notify you when and why their alarms are going off and will allow you to remotely mute the alarm.

Smart-Home-Automation-Installation-Atlanta-Smart-Vacuum7. Vacuum

Ever since we met Rosie, the robot maid from The Jetsons, we’ve fascinated over the idea of having an assistant to help us with some common chores. In this day and age, we can get a helping hand around the house with a little assistance from state-of-the-art appliances.

8. Shades

Did you know you can increase your energy efficiency by keeping your home’s blinds down when the sun is out? A lot of homeowners don’t realize it, but allowing the sun to shine through your windows will warm your home to an extent, which will cause your air conditioning unit to work harder to maintain its comfortable temperature. When you’re away on vacation, at work or out for the day, improve your energy efficiency by controlling how much natural light you’re letting in the house.

9. Bluetooth Speaker

As probably the most common smart home automation device on this list, an example of a smart Bluetooth speaker, which can change your in-home experience, would be a product such as Alexa. From helping you set a time while in the middle of cutting chicken to helping you by ordering another pack of toilet paper before you forget, the helpful companions of smart Bluetooth speakers make them favorite smart home devices among many.

Smart-Home-Automation-Installation-Atlanta-Appliances10. Appliances

Refrigerators, washing machines and more – smart appliances help homeowners by notifying them when a load of laundry is done and letting you know when your pan of brownies are done baking. Smart appliances can help your household running smoother as they will alert you when they need repairs and will run as efficiently as possible based on usage and trends.

Is Smart Home Automation Safe?

We understand why some people will be hesitant to opt into a way of life that seemingly stores data about your habits. With proper precautions like keeping your home network protected, installing smart home automation is one of the top ways to keep your home efficient and safe.

Will Smart Home Automation Installation in Atlanta Increase My Property Value?

Smart home automation will increase your house’s value by attracting more bidders and driving up its value in most cases. A lot of buyers are interested in perks in a property that will set it apart from other listings.

Smart-Home-Automation-Installation-Atlanta-FamilyWho Can I Trust with Smart Home Automation Installation in Atlanta?

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