You worked hard to build your small business. You worked nights, weekends and holidays, you poured your life saving in and all only the chance that you’d one day be successful. And as hard as it was building your business, running it and making it successful is just as difficult. Your business is your biggest investment, and naturally, you’ll want to keep that investment safe. A commercial security system from AVX can help keep you, your business and your employees safe.

Protect yourself with a commercial security system

A commercial security system is, these days, as essential to your business as a sign or acommercial security system front door. You need to keep that small business safe from threats of all kinds, and AVX’s commercial security system installation protects against so much more than just break-ins. A commercial security system from AVX also protects against fire and carbon monoxide, and features video surveillance, custom installation and 24/7 professional monitoring. And all this can be controlled from within your business or remotely by the MyAVX app for your smartphone.

commercial security systemYou can’t trust just anyone to put in a commercial security system, either. Some businesses will try to sell you on pre-designed systems based on a one-size-fits-all approach. With them, you could end up with an expensive system that lacks the protection you need. The pros at AVX will custom design your system for exactly what you need, and will monitor that system more professionally and thoroughly than any other company. Our techs have more than 130 years of shared experience, so you know your small business is going to be safe when you leave the commercial security system up to the pros at AVX.

Don’t wait – call AVX today!

You can’t afford to start a new year without a commercial security system protecting your small business, and the pros at AVX are here to help. Give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected]. You’ll be glad you did, and your business will continue to grow and thrive. Don’t be another statistic in 2018, call AVX today.