Commercial AV Services in Atlanta Experts on How to Make the Most of Your Video Meetings

Though many prefer face-to-face engagements, businesses nowadays benefit from web conferencing technologies. Whether to save on the cost of traveling or to work in a quick meeting around a tight schedule, utilizing video meetings is important for growing businesses in 2018. Meeting via the web has its pros and cons, but those cons can be minimized if you know the ins and outs of proper web conference practices. Here at Audio Video Excellence, our commercial AV services in Atlanta experts have a few insights to ensure your video meetings go as smoothly as possible.

Host the Perfect Web Conference with Commercial AV Services in Atlanta

Anyone with experience in the professional world knows how to go through the routine of a meeting. However, not everyone knows the best practices for video meetings. In 2018, web conferences are necessary and routine, which is why our commercial AV services in Atlanta experts have spent the time to lay out a few insights to help your video meetings go well.

Commercial AV Services in Atlanta - Video Meeting MinutesTest the Software

Whether you’re a manager or a participant in the meeting, take a few minutes prior to the meeting to test your camera and microphone and get to know the functions of the software. This will give you and your team a chance to find the best camera angles, experiment with how you like to organize during a web-based meeting and troubleshoot any problems.

Schedule Mindfully

If you’re in charge of arranging a video meeting, our commercial AV services in Atlanta experts recommend considering time zones and holidays. Your colleagues or clients across the country probably wouldn’t enjoy a 9 a.m. EST start time when they’re three hours behind. Likewise, if you work with people overseas, check when their national holidays are and plan around those dates.

Check Your Hardware

Web conferences are sometimes between two groups of a number of people. For example, one team of 10 from Chicago might need to have a video meeting with a group of 10 in Atlanta. In this case, make sure you have a monitor that is large enough for a team that big to view and a equip your setup with a microphone that will pick up everyone’s voices.

Have a Strong Wi-Fi Connection

While some workers who work remotely like to work in a local coffee shop to get some productive work done, don’t rely on public Wi-Fi connections. Aside from the fact that they’re not secure, public Wi-Fi connections also are typically laggy and do not do well for video conferences.

Commercial AV Services in Atlanta - One-on-OneWhat is the Best Video Conference Software for Businesses?

With countless video meeting software options available, we recommend the following popular choices:

  1. GoToMeeting
  2. Adobe Connect
  3. Google Hangouts
  4. Skype
  5. Zoom

For a full breakdown on the pros and cons of each video meeting software, PC Magazine has a full rundown of the benefits, pitfalls and pricing of the most popular web conferencing software.

How Do I Conduct a Video Meeting at My House?

Commercial AV Services in Atlanta - Video Meeting Remotely in HomeWeb conferences are often a great solution for employees who work remotely. To participate in a professional video meeting from the comfort of your home, consider making the best of your experience with these helpful tips:

1. Stage Your Background. You don’t necessarily have to go overboard, but set up with a neutral background that does not have any distractions. We advise against using a busy background such as a kitchen. Also, consider the lighting in the room you are using and add some natural light if possible.

2. Dress Professionally. Though you’re working from home, put on a nice shirt that will present well on camera. While you might not have to wear slacks, put on a nice pair of khakis or jeans so that your outfit is complete if you need to stand up for any reason.

3. Print Out Materials. Unless you are using a dual-monitor setup, print out the meeting materials ahead of time so that you can reference them without blocking the software on your screen.

4. Eliminate Distractions. Do you have a child or pet at home with you? Plan out the video meeting so that your child or pet will not interrupt the conference. Remember when an interviewee’s two children walked in on their dad’s video meeting? Though adorable, this occurrence could have been distraction-free if the children were accounted for beforehand. While any parent will admit the unpredictable can happen, which was probably the case in the aforementioned BBC interview, take precautions by preoccupying your children and pets beforehand.

Another distraction to consider is the echo caused by your speakers being picked up by your computer’s microphone. For the best audio, use headphones so that there is no extra, avoidable noise.

What are the Best Video Meeting Practices?

Commercial AV Services in Atlanta - Video Meeting MinutesIf you are the meeting coordinator, make sure to digitally distribute the agenda prior to the meeting. Give those involved a chance to look over the agenda so they can prepare accordingly, but make sure the document is finalized before sending it out.

During the meeting, utilize what separates a video meeting from a conference call: visuals. If you have a point to bring up, indicate so visually while the person talking is wrapping up their statement. By making a gesture to anticipate that you’d like to make a point, you will help minimize the confusion web conference have of people talking over each other on accident.

Because of delays, a misunderstanding of communication and the loss of face-to-face nuances, video conferences can be plagued with accidental interruptions. To avoid this, whenever you pose a question or prompt, specifically address who you want to respond. If the floor is open to whomever, communicate who you’d like to make a point first. This will help minimize the number of times you’ll experience unclear transitions.

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