Golfers know that, historically, the only way to improve your swing and overall golf game was to spend more time out on the links. Golfers also know that the time spent out on the course is a luxury; our everyday lives don’t always allow for hours spent out playing through all 18 holes of your favorite course. Even the most famous and prolific golfers don’t get out to the courses as much as they might like, so how does one balance life with the goals of perfecting that swing and short game? It’s easy; let the experts at AV Excellence install a state of the art golf simulator. Your game will never be the same.

Simulating greatness

If you aren’t familiar with golf simulators, they are complex systems of audio, visual and motion-sensing golf simulatortechnology that are easy to understand but tough to truly master. In a golf simulator, a large screen is presented to the player, along with a realistic tee-off spot. Linksman then swing at a golf ball, sometimes real, sometimes virtual, with a real club, just like they would on the actual course. Motion trackers read the player’s stance and swing, and translate that into the ball’s speed, trajectory and spin. The results are shown on-screen, just like you would see playing a real course or watching the pros on TV. These golf simulators can be smaller boxes, just big enough for a golfer and the screen, or can take up entire rooms with realistic video, sound and even weather effects. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom golf simulators, and AV Excellence is just the company you’ll want to install simulator

Hit the links with AV Excellence

A golf simulator is a nexus of many different state-of-the-art pieces of technology. Audio, video, motion tracking, projection television and screens, all of it comes together to provide an experience only barely outclassed by the real thing. AV Excellence is unparalleled in their skill with these technologies, so bringing them together into a seamless, realistic experience falls right into what we do best. If you are ready to see your golf scores sink like stones, give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a quote.