At AVX, we spend a lot of time talking and thinking about the tech side of home theater. We talk about screens, resolutions, pixels, all that stuff… but in reality, that stuff, while important, is really only half the equation. The other half of it is the home theater itself; the furniture, the walls, the floor, the accessories, all the trappings that make up the home theater itself. Luckily, and unbeknownst to a lot of people, we are experts on both; we are just as good at making sure your 4k TV and surround sound are working optimally as we are helping you choose the seating and décor that surrounds it. No matter what is happening on the screen or coming through the speakers, your home theater furniture should be stylish, functional and perfectly suited to both your home theater and you.

Choosing The Best In Home Theater Furniture

Everyone here at AVX is guilty of it too, thinking of home theater as more tech and tech specs than as a room in your home. home theater furnitureEven writing, or reading, that seems can be a shock to the system. “A room in your house?” Yes, above all, a home theater is a room in your home, not just the sum of its technological parts. So, like any other room in your home, it must be decorated, outfitted with furniture and set to become a functioning part of your family experience. Unlike other rooms in your home, though, the people outfitting the technical side of your home theater have equal experience and expertise on the decorating and furnishing side, and can help you choose just the right chairs, wall treatments and more to not just outfit your home theater, but also make the room a centerpiece of your entire home.

We say it often – the only boundaries on what we can do with a home theater are your budget and home theater furnitureimagination. Game of Thrones fan? Why not a Game of Thrones-themed home theater, complete with an Iron Throne for the king of the household? A fan of classic films? Why not use your home theater as an excuse to transform a room in your home from a simple den to a movie house right from the late 1950’s, complete with framed posters from your favorite films? Maybe you live in a football household. Why not build your home theater around your favorite team. A complete Georgia Bulldogs home theater, with the red and black throughout, banners and logos on every surface? We can do that! No matter what your interest or aim, AVX can help provide the home theater furniture and décor to make your home theater more than just a TV room.

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