Residential AV Services Advise Which Video Game Console is Right for Me?

The AVX Residential AV Services Perspective

No home entertainment system is complete without a gaming system. Whether the kids want to wind down on a lazy Sunday afternoon or you and your best buds are planning an intense gaming tournament night, you’ll have to figure out which console is best for your home. Here at Audio Video Excellence, our residential AV services experts have a few suggestions you should look at as you narrow down your decision.

Making the Selection with the Help of Residential AV Services

Your entertainment system deserves a gaming console that offers a little more than the tap-and-play games on your phone. Different gaming systems come with different benefits and advantages. Which one will fit best into your entertainment system?

Nintendo Switch™

Now the fastest-selling console in U.S. history, Nintendo’s latest hit is a hybrid gaming system that can be connected to a TV or used as a portable handheld for on-the-go gaming. In true Nintendo fashion, the Switch™ thrives with party games and family-friendly titles. With hundreds of games to choose from and its two exclusive top-tier titles, Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the Switch™ is a great system for families, hardcore and casual gamers, and anyone who entertains guests often. The Switch™ has a relatively economical price of $299.

Sony PlayStation 4™

As this generation’s top-selling console with over 76 million units sold, the PS4™ is a proven system that has impressed gamers worldwide. The PS4™ has exclusive titles and the market’s most popular games. With a Blu-ray player included and streaming apps, such as Netflix and Hulu, available for download, the PS4™ is a great option for all your media. Also, Sony offers an alternative-to-cable service called PlayStation™ Vue, which can be streamed on the PS4™. The PlayStation 4™ is available for $299, usually in a bundle pack with a game.

Microsoft Xbox One

Coined as the world’s most powerful system, the Xbox One is a gaming system that provides noticeably impressive graphics that will surely stand out with any entertainment system installed by residential AV services. Supporting the industry’s most popular games, the Xbox One is the preferred console by many in the community. Microsoft actually offers two versions of the Xbox One: the original and the Xbox One X, which is a technologically improved version. If you’re unsure which version of the console is a fit for you, Microsoft’s website can help you make your decision. The Xbox One sells for usually under $300 whereas the Xbox One X is listed for $499.

One note to take into consideration: The Xbox One’s controllers do not come with rechargeable batteries like the other consoles on this list.

PC Gaming

For years, the argument about PC gaming is that it’s a graphically improved experience compared to consoles. Since PCs can be connected to TVs, PC gaming can be a viable option for your video game console. Typically for hardcore gamers, PC gaming requires some technology savviness. If you are good with computers and want an optimal gaming experience, PC gaming might be your best choice. Prices vary depending on which computer you buy or build and which accessories you purchase.

Classic Gaming

Perhaps you’re looking to scratch that nostalgia itch or you want to introduce your kids to the rigors and irreplaceable nuances that come with retro games. Just because your entertainment system is modern doesn’t mean your gaming console of choice has to match today’s trends. If it’s your desire, adding a classic Nintendo, Atari or SEGA system to your setup could complement and complete your entertainment system.

Level Up Your Entertainment System with Residential AV Services

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