An Alpharetta guy’s night in isn’t a “thing” you hear about too often, but hear us out. Imagine you and your boys, holed up in your amazing home theater from AVX, for a night of uninterrupted guy movies and video games on the big screen with surround sound? Sounds pretty awesome, right? If you agree and want to make an Alpharetta guy’s night in a new thing in your group of friends, we have a few tips and ideas for getting things going.

An Alpharetta guy’s night in: why not?

Everyone eventually gets tired of the bar scene, going out and drinking for too much money and not having Alpharetta guy's night inanywhere near as much fun as you should be for the money, right? So why not plan an Alpharetta guy’s night in? First, you’ll need food. An Alpharetta guy’s night in staples would need to include chips and dip, pizza, hotwings and, of course, some cold beer for everyone to enjoy. Mellow Mushroom is the very best in Alpharetta pizza, so a quick call to them, and a trip to Publix for the rest, would keep your guys fed and happy for your whole Alpharetta guy’s night in.

Next, you’ll need entertainment. We suggest classic “guy movies” that no one ever seems to tire of, movies like Die Hard (the single greatest Christmas movie ever), The Terminator, Predator, Rocky, Taken or Gladiator would all fit the action bill. For something lighter, movies like Old School, Road Trip, Stripes, Ghostbusters or Porkys could all fit right into your theme. Of course, there are hundreds of “guy movies” out and available, but if you’re in your AVX home Alpharetta guy's night intheater, you’ll want the ones with the biggest explosions, the heartiest laughs and the hottest ladies.

No Alpharetta guy’s night in would be complete without video games, and since pretty much everyone is sick to death of Call of Duty, we recommend Nintendo’s new console, the Switch. The console offers amazing HD graphics and its Joy-Con controllers allow for easy, fast and fun multiplayer matches. Games like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2 offer competitive multiplayer that will have everyone going nuts over near misses, big wins and shocking defeats.

Call AVX today!

Oh, you don’t have a home theater for your Alpharetta guy’s night in? AVX is here to help. We can design and install any kind of home theater or sound system you can dream up, and the limits are only constrained by your imagination and budget. Every guy loves to have his own place to get away, and a home theater from AVX is the perfect way to do just that. Give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a quote.