If there is one sure-fire way to impress new or potential clients, it is with a state-of-the-art office with the latest in A/V technology. If you were investing in a new client or business, which would you be more interested in? The office that has trouble setting up a Skype call? Or the one with extendable screens, full videoconferencing and tons of technology in every cubicle and all the conference rooms? That’s an easy decision, right? Having a high tech office is becoming steadily more important these days, and AVX are just the professionals you can trust for your commercial A/V services.

Commercial A/V services and AVX

In choosing a company to help outfit your office with the latest commercial A/V services, you’ll want one you know you can trust to do a fantastic job. commercial A/V servicesAVX is that company! You’ve trusted us with your home theater design and installation for years, and there is a reason we are the top of our game in north Georgia. Knowing that, you may think our expertise begins and ends with in-home entertainment, but you’d be wrong; we also specialize in commercial A/V, as well as both residential and commercial security system design and installation. You’ve seen what AVX can do for your home, why not trust them to work similar miracles at your place of business?

So what commercial A/V services does AVX offer? Our team of experts specializes in alarm systems and security, videoconferencing setup and walls, multi-room audio and video setups, digital signage and even things you might not expect, like rewiring and wiring new construction for phone, data and cable. This commercial A/V servicescovers all the bases of a truly impressive office or retail space, complete with all the coolest new tech bell and whistles.

Call AVX today!

You’ve trusted us in your home and you were blown away by our custom home theater installation, so why not have us capture the same magic in your office or retail space? If your business is behind the curve technically, give us a call at 8558569289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a free quote. The pros at AVX will be happy to help bring your business’ office or retail space into the 21st century.