You’ve achieved something so many have only dreamed of – you have an amazing getaway home on the shores of the beautiful Lake Lanier. It’s everything you ever wanted, but something is missing. Every aspect of your lake home is perfect, but the silence can be deafening. Add that extra special something to your home away from home with a custom audio system from AV Excellence; after all, music soothes the savage beast, right?

Hearing the difference

When it comes to a custom audio system for your home on the shores of Lake Lanier, you are really only limitedLake Lanier by the bounds of your imagination. Boasting technicians that are seasoned experts in working with audio leaders Sonos, Onkyo and Deezer, among many others, AV Excellence can transform your quiet Lake Lanier home into an audio powerhouse, with custom installations that will absolutely floor anyone who is lucky enough to come and visit.

Beyond home theater

AV Excellence is quickly becoming an industry leader in the home theater design and installation market, but your audio choices and installations don’t have to begin and end with amazing, theater-quality sound. Enjoy cooking with some soothing jazz as an accompaniment? Maybe your outdoor pool or Lake Lanier dock parties need some good old fashioned rock and roll? Or, for the true audiophile, perhaps your entire Lake Lanier home, inside and out, needs a constant stream of your favorite music? Anything you can imagine is within the realm of Lake Lanierpossibility, even the ability to control the entire system through your smartphone. If music is in your blood, AV Excellence are the folks to call to keep you rocking around the clock.

Simply the best

Here at AV Excellence, we pride ourselves on not just our technicians’ know-how and amazing final products, but also what our customers have to say about what we do. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor speakers, home theater sound you wouldn’t believe or full home integration of audio and video systems, AV Excellence can transform your already amazing Lake Lanier home into one that will quickly become the envy of friends and family. Give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a quote. Your imagination is the limit!