Is Your Business Tempting Fate Without a Commercial Security System?

When running a business, large or small, one of your main priorities is the safety of your employees and valuable property. Your business demands a commercial security system that will protect your valuable business property, as well as fit the safety needs of you and your employees. The path to guaranteeing your business stays on the track to success is by equipping it with a reliable commercial security system from Audio Video Excellence.

A study by Chicago-based insurance agency, Insureon, found that 8.8% of small businesses suffered a burglary or theft in 2016. This resulted in business owners paying approximately $8,000 out of pocket for a burglary or theft incident that year. That is a significant price to pay for any business. Employee theft is also very common. Studies show that more than 64% of small businesses have experienced employee theft within their company, and most issues go unreported.

What You Should Consider When Choosing a Commercial Security Systemcommercial security system - entry1

The first step is to evaluate your office, as well as the irreplaceable staff members and expensive equipment within. If you have a team to keep safe and intellectual property to protect, you’ll need a security system with fire and carbon monoxide monitoring. A fire can disrupt the functions of your business, seriously hurt or injure employees, and even shut down operations completely. The presence of carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas,  can pose tremendous health risks, including death. Equip your office space with fire and carbon monoxide monitoring to prevent and reduce the impact of a possible fire and injuries in the workplace.

Next, consider the future. Are you anticipating growth in 2018? This could make you more susceptible to theft within your company due to a higher volume of employees. There was a time when video monitoring was not accepted as adequate evidence during a trial because images were blurry and unreliable. Times have changed. Our high quality, 24/7 professional monitoring security system can help prevent theft within your business and provide you with the collateral needed should an issue occur. A video monitoring security system benefits your employees as well, giving them piece of mind and a safer work environment.

Additional Needs From A Commercial Security Systemcommercial security system-server room

Keep in mind when choosing a commercial security system, that the office is not the only area of your business that you should think about in terms of protection. Areas such as a warehouse, workshop or garage can house up to millions of dollars in assets for your company. Theft, loss or damage in these areas could disable or even shutdown your business. These crucial areas may need additional security considerations to protect from theft and disaster (fire, flood, etc.).

Remember that theft is no longer just about physical materials, equipment or money. Personal data protection has come under close scrutiny lately for customers and employees nationwide. One of the best ways to protect highly-confidential information is to assure your server room or IT department has additional levels of commercial security including: electronic entry systems, video surveillance and fire-flood monitoring.


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commercial security system-technicianOne of the most important considerations when choosing a commercial security system company is licensing. The State of Georgia requires that security installers and providers be licensed. Our experienced team at Audio Video Excellence is fully licensed and is expertly trained in the latest industry standards for commercial and home security systems.

At Audio Video Excellence, we have been serving the commercial market for over 7 years, providing customized solutions for companies all over the country. We are dedicated to providing you with the latest commercial security system installations for your business needs. In addition, we offer a host of business technology solutions including: video conferencing, display walls, multi-room audio and communication systems.

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