For a lot of kids, family movie night is one of the highlights of the week. The family gathers around the TV, dad turns the lights down, makes popcorn and gathers everyone on the couch to enjoy the film. And for most, the movie isn’t what matters; it’s the family closeness that keeps this event a weekly tradition. But what if you could take things to the next level, making family movie night an event nearly everyone, be they family, friends, confidants or well-wishers, all want to attend? You probably already guessed it, but a home theater from AVX is the way to go.

A home theater brings families together

What could be better than having a mini movie theater in your home for your family to enjoy? Imagine watchinghome theater this week’s family movie not on a simple flat screen TV, but a mega projection or 4K unit built into the wall. Imagine your movie night soundtrack in full, glorious surround sound. Imagine each member of the family having their very own movie theater-style chair, complete with cupholder. Imagine the room that holds all this equipment is designed and tailored to your exact preference, including things like theater-style curtains to hide the screen when it’s not being used, installations such as bars and refrigerators or even custom walls and ceilings. With AVX, your home theater design is limited only by your imagination.

Not just for movies any more

home theaterIt would be silly to have family movie night be the only time you and your family used your home theater, as it can used for so much more and each member of the family will find their own entertainment needs met. Someone in your household will definitely want to watch the upcoming season of Game of Thrones on the massive screen and with surround sound (after the little ones are in bed, of course). Viewing family photos from your last vacation is cool on an iPhone, but it becomes an experience when they are projected onto a home theater screen. And we won’t even talk about how amazing playing video games in a home theater could be; Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild played in a home theater environment would be, for lack of a better word, transcendent. Every member of the family will find their own use for your home theater, and family movie night will be the one golden time per week when everyone drops everything and comes together to enjoy a film.

Call AVX today

If your family still loves movie night as much as they always have (hint: they do), then it is time to consider a home theater from AVX. Our team has over 130 years of shared experience in designing and building home theater systems, and they are a name you can trust to deliver the most amazing home theater experience possible. Give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a free quote; let AVX take your family movie night to a whole new level.