Calling on Home Theater Design Services Atlanta Just in Time for Summer

Punxsutawney Phil predicts an early spring in 2019, which means that warm weather is just around the corner. We made it out of winter with only one threat of snow – knock on wood – but the team here at Audio Video Excellence is looking forward to enjoying Georgia’s beautiful spring and summer weather. What better way to do it than by having home theater design services Atlanta help soup up your outdoor entertainment area? Our expert technicians are here to give you some food for thought when planning your outdoor living space.

Ideas to Consider for Your Outdoor Entertainment Area, According to Home Theater Design Services Atlanta


An area is only as good as its furniture. You can have a state-of-the-art living area, but it would be hard to enjoy amenities to the fullest without nice furniture. Just imagine trying to watch a championship game while squirming around in a folding chair, trying to get comfortable; that won’t cut it. Your outdoor entertainment space should have comfortable seating options that you’ll be more than happy to lounge on all throughout a lazy Sunday. While putting your planning efforts toward your patio’s amenities, be sure to keep furniture in mind.


To fully enjoy your outdoor entertainment area in any weather, consider adding a covering to the space. From pergolas to canopies, your outdoor living area can be completely transformed with a bit of covering. When planning your outdoor entertainment area, keep an outdoor structure in mind while also considering where people will sit, how it might impact the view of a TV or projector, and how much of the area you want to be in the shade. Patios with added covering can add style, functionality and appeal to your outdoor living space.


How a space is illuminated can make or break not only the functionality of the area, but also the ambiance. While path lights will make a walkway a bit safer, they can also add a nice charm and appeal. While the sun begins to set and the stars start to show, enjoy your outdoor entertainment area with the nice glow of ambient lighting. On the other hand, consider getting energy-efficient lighting, which can also be visually appealing. These are the two most common choices homeowners opt for when planning an outdoor entertainment area.

Outdoor TVs

A TV is an important focal part of a room because it’s often the reason why we gather. For example, every February, friends and family across the country congregate to see who’s going to come out on top in the NFL, saying, “I’m going to Disney World!” Whether it’s binge-watching your favorite show or getting together for a movie night, the TV is a very important part of what brings us together. Here at Audio Video Excellence, your go-to team for home theater design services Atlanta, we would suggest that you consider implementing an outdoor TV or projector into your outdoor living area, but it would also make your outdoor entertainment area complete and entirely enjoyable.

Home_Theater_Design_Services_Atlanta_FurnitureAudio System

As far as movies go, hearing is half the experience. Imagine watching Star Wars – but this time, as the iconic opening crawl goes by, John Williams’ timeless score doesn’t play. The experience just wouldn’t be the same. That being said, having a proper audio system makes a world of difference. Adding a layer on top of that, audio quality matters. From speaker placement to the hardware itself, an audio system should be among your priorities if you’re wanting a next-level outdoor entertainment area. Additionally, an audio system could be used outside of movie night or game day – as everyone’s outside enjoying a nice barbecue, you could stream your favorite tunes through your outdoor speakers. This is certainly a nice touch and addition to any outdoor living area. We work with industry leaders such as Sony, Sonos and Deezer to ensure you get the best solution possible for your area.


Just like you would want to paint your basement’s walls a fresh color and hang up pictures, professional landscaping can complete your outdoor living area’s appeal and atmosphere. From knowing what layout would work best to where to place each plant to where the sun hits them best, placing importance on professional landscaping can turn your outdoor area from a run-of-the-mill backyard into a paradise. It’s the little things in life that complete the experience.


This is a living space, after all, so you might as well equip it with the best life has to offer. Among our top recommendations is adding an outdoor bar, complete with suitable refrigeration. This is perfect for get-togethers or just for a relaxing night under the stars. Nothing beats having a cold drink in your hand – other than having pizza in the other, of course. For your outdoor area, go beyond the grill and consider looking into outdoor pizza ovens. They’re a great addition to any home because they can turn a family favorite into a family tradition. With a pizza oven readily available, you and your family can enjoy hot and fresh pizza without having to tip a delivery person.

Other recommendations we have include a fire pit (perfect for roasting marshmallows and kicking back), an outdoor fireplace (making your patio a year-round space to enjoy) and a hot tub (a classic and relaxing addition).

Rely on Audio Video Excellence, The Most Trusted Home Theater Design Services Atlanta

Spring is almost here, so get your outdoor living area up and ready so you can make the most of it when the weather is nice this spring, summer and fall.

As we like to say here at Audio Video Excellence, your imagination is the limit. We want to help make your dream a reality by making the perfect living area for you, your friends and your family. Considering that friends and family are incredibly important in our lives, we are passionate about bringing loved ones together through a common interest, and we want to help you find your ideal living space. We specialize in home theater design services Atlanta. For solutions to your home theater design services in Atlanta needs, contact Audio Video Excellence today at 855-275-8926 or [email protected].