Do you go all out for Halloween? IS your house “the one” in the neighborhood, with graves littering the front yard, skeletons dangling from the trees and witches popping up to scare all the trick-or-treaters? If so, you probably already know that sound is integral to the haunted front yard experience, yet it is the one area people seem to consider last. This year, instead of cheaping out on your auditory scares, why not go with a spooky sound system from AVX and Sonos?

A Sonos sound system adds extra flair to your scares

Your ghouls and ghosts won’t mean much to anyone in total silence, especially on Halloween night. Imagine watching the scariest movie you’ve everSonos sound system seen; now imagine it without sound. It doesn’t have quite the same effect, right? When it comes to their Halloween displays, what do most people do? They either trot out the ancient CD boombox, powered by D batteries, and pretend that is sufficient or they simply turn up their in-home sound system and aim the speakers for the nearest window and door openings. Neither option is ideal for the best scares, but luckily, AVX has the answer.

A Sonos indoor/outdoor sound system is the very best way to provide all the audio scares you need for Halloween night – and beyond. Not only will a Sonos sound system fill your entire home with the sound you need, it can be extended to outdoor speakers as well, making your home the best-sounding one in the neighborhood. The Sonos sound system is capable of the clearest, crispest, most amazing sound you can imagine, and the best part is you can control the entire system with an app on your phone. And beyond Halloween, the sound system is perfect for home theater, music in and around your home and gatherings all year long. So there’s your choice – are you going to settle for terrible sound and having to find D batteries? Or are you going with the amazing Sonos sound system for this Halloween?

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