As we move into October, the weather is changing and getting colder. No one wants to go outside when the weather is bad; it’s been extremely dreary and rainy over the past few weeks and the weather shows no sign of changing. And as the rains subside, we will transition to much colder winter weather, which all but paralyses the metro Atlanta area. With the outdoors being less than fun these days, you’ll probably start looking for fun family activities to fill those grey afternoons and evenings. Your AVX home theater is the perfect place for a family fun night, and we wanted to give you some tips to get you started!

Home theater + family = family fun night

The best way to start out any family fun night is preparing a meal together. Our family’s favorite “work together” family fun nightmeal is pizza; we buy a ready-made crust and all the cheese, sauce and toppings and we gather around the kitchen island to assemble our meal as a family. Believe it or not, it is more fun than it sounds, and it gives everyone a sense of ownership over the evening (especially the littlest ones in the household). Sure, you can order delivery pizza, but where is the family fun in that?

The next step is choosing the movie you want to watch for family fun night. This choice largely depends on the age of the children, but there are plenty of options for all age groups. In your AVX home theater, though, some more recent films will look and sound a great deal better than older ones. We suggest:

All these movies are appropriate for all ages, though ageing up your selection will be necessary if you have teens in family fun nightthe house, rather than little kids. Your best bet is to pick a film everyone can enjoy and go from there.

Pizza made and in hand, it’ll then be time to settle in for family fun night and watch your movie in your AVX home theater. With pizza, a fun, family-friendly movie and great picture and sound from AVX, doesn’t this sound better than fighting the wind, rain and cold for a dinner out or a crazy expensive trip to the movie theater? If you’ve got an AVX theater in your home, all that’s missing is the family and the pizza for family fun night.

Call AVX today!

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