It seems like it was just yesterday that the kids got out of school for the summer, and yet, here we are already, starting a brand new school year. Either time flies or Georgia school boards detest summer vacation (it’s probably a bit of both), but no matter the cause it is time for everyone to pack up the swimsuits and get back to class. Whether you are happy or sad to see school buses back in morning traffic, summer deserves a send-off. What better way than with a back to school movie night in your awesome AVX home theater?

Back to school movie night – what to watch?

School movies are a dime a dozen, so narrowing it down to just a few classics is no easy feat. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Billy Madison: Adam Sandler goes back and runs through his entire school career to inherit his father’s hotelback to school business. Endlessly quotable and a modern classic for Generation X.
  • Back to School: Rodney Dangerfield goes back to college as a student to help his son make the grade. Features the single greatest song ever written for a movie, “Back to School” by Jude Cole.
  • The Breakfast Club: The 80’s movie to end all 80’s movies. A group of wildly different students bond during a Saturday detention session.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You: Loosely based on Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew”, this movie follows two sisters as prom approaches. The younger sister can only go if the anti-social older sister agrees to as well, so schemes are afoot.
  • Encino Man: Starring Pauly “The Weasel” Shore, Sean Astin and Brendan Fraser, this incredibly dumb movie sees two high school losers unearthing a frozen caveman in their backyard, and the prehistoric man goes on to be the coolest new kid in school.

As with any list online, you’d surely add or remove certain films from your own personal list, but these five are a great jumping off point for your back to school movie night.

Back to school snacks – what to eat?

For a truly memorable back to school movie night, you’re going to need some snacks that remind everyone what eating at school is all about. Chicken nuggets are a must, as are tater tots. But to really back to schoolcapture the school lunch feeling, only one meal will do: square cheese pizza with a side of yellow corn. It’s a meal that never made sense, but as kids we all just accepted those two things went together because they were served on the same Styrofoam tray. Top the whole thing off with either ice cream sandwiches or those little cups of vanilla ice cream with wooden spoons and you’ve got a back to school menu that will resonate with anyone who remembers their elementary school days.

Make sure your movie night is a class act with AVX

Choosing classic back to school movies and whipping up some ridiculous school snacks won’t do much good without a place to sit and a screen to watch, and that’s where AVX comes in. Our expert team has over 130 years combined experience in home theater design and installation; your home theater’s design and features are limited only by your imagination. . Give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or reach us by email at [email protected] for a free quote on your home theater project. A new school year is starting; why not kick things off with a themed movie night in a brand new home theater?