Here at AVX, we care as much about your security as we do your amazing home theater setup. People automatically think of us as a home theater company, but our techs are licensed professionals when it comes to designing and installing security systems. Keeping your home safe with a security system is something most people do these days, but not a lot of thought goes into the installation of a commercial security system. Isn’t your business every bit as important as your home? At AVX, we specialize in the installing of commercial security system units, and they keep far more than just your business safe and sound.

Why install a commercial security system?

A commercial security system keeps far more than just your business safe. Think about what a break-in at your office could mean. Theft is a big one; commercial security systemanything stored in your office is subject to being stolen – files, cash, records, electronics, furniture. Doing a quick mental inventory of your office will expose just how much you have to lose. Possessions are possessions, though; things can always be replaced (especially if you have insurance). But what about your people? A commercial security system protects them, too. No one wants to consider the unthinkable, but violent crime is a very real prospect in today’s world. A commercial security system works two-fold in protecting your people; it serves as a deterrent in keeping bad guys away, and should they decide to enter your business with malicious intent, our commercial security system monitoring will make sure the authorities arrive on-scene as soon as possible.

Speaking of deterrents, keeping thieves away with a commercial security system also plays a role in commercial security systempublic perception of your business and even property values. If your office gets robbed or a violent crime occurs, your business’ location could come under scrutiny from both the public and insurers. Who wants to visit a business in a bad neighborhood? Or patronize an establishment where someone was hurt or killed in a violent assault? No one. With a commercial security system from AVX, you are not only protecting your business and your people, but your livelihood as well.

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Our commercial security system units are second-to-none and come with full time professional monitoring, should something go wrong. Our techs are highly trained professionals and fully licensed, meaning you know that AVX is the security system you can trust. Give us a call today at (855)-856-9289 or email at [email protected] for a free quote and let us make sure your business is safe and secure. Don’t put it off any longer; call us today!