September 15, 2017
football party

Hosting the ultimate football party with a home theater from AVX

The leaves are getting ready to change, the air is cooling off and the kids are back in school. For a lot of people, this means […]
September 6, 2017
using digital technology

Using digital technology to enhance your team meetings

Any regular reader of AVX’s blog or website already knows they are the best in the business of designing and installing home theaters, security systems, golf […]
August 30, 2017

Building the ultimate backyard entertainment center with AVX

When it comes to television entertainment, we’ve come pretty far in a matter of mere decades. It wasn’t so long ago that families had a single […]
August 24, 2017

Increase your home buyers’ appeal with AVX

If there is one thing potential home buyers look for, it’s future home selling or added property value appeal. Just look at the shows populating every second […]
August 17, 2017
home theater

A home theater can take your family movie night to the next level

For a lot of kids, family movie night is one of the highlights of the week. The family gathers around the TV, dad turns the lights […]
August 9, 2017
best home alarm in Cumming

Tips for choosing the best home alarm in Cumming

The world can be a scary place. Unfortunately, home security systems have almost become a standard feature in most houses, especially newly constructed ones. Why? Well, […]
August 2, 2017
back to school

Celebrate back to school time with an awesome movie night

It seems like it was just yesterday that the kids got out of school for the summer, and yet, here we are already, starting a brand […]
July 26, 2017
Sonos sound system

Hosting the perfect pool party with a Sonos sound system

Here we are, smack in the middle of July and the weather is at its hottest and most miserable. The air outside ranges from hot to […]
July 16, 2017
home theater customization ideas

Home theater customization ideas for movie fans

Chances are if you are checking out AVX’s website, you are a bit of a movie fan or audio buff. We promise we will get to […]