Landscape Architects

When it comes to having a home entertainment center, the great outdoors is the new horizon. For homeowners, outdoors space has become just as important as the indoor area of a home for entertaining. Patios and pools are no longer considered as an afterthought by homeowners but instead have moved into being a focal piece in home design. For landscape architects incorporating audiovisual technology into green space can be a challenge. AVX can provide solutions that integrate well into your new or existing landscape design architecture while being able to withstand the climate variables associated with the outdoors.

Our licensed technicians can provide insights into incorporating features like smart home technology for lighting and home automation, home theaters for outdoor tv and wireless surround sound, even security systems. Using only the highest quality audiovisual products such as SONOS, ONYKO and DEEZER,we can certify that the materials used along with our expert installation will meet the complex needs of an outdoor entertainment center. Our knowledgeable team will be attentive to the smallest details assuring that our audiovisual features complement your landscaping architecture design with captivating results.