Alongside of our professional services, we proudly offer custom Home Theater Furniture to complete the form and function of your custom home theater. Our furniture is fully customizable and available in a variety of colors, styles, and fabrics. If you prefer a little automation in your life, you can upgrade to our motorized seating solutions giving you a chance to recline and relax with a simple push of a button.

Our home theater seating includes convenient additions like cupholders and armrests along with center consoles for those who may need simple storage solutions. Whether you want a two-person lounger or full stadium-seating, AVX has the products and design experience to suit all of your needs. Building a custom home theater is a long process and our mission is to make sure it's enjoyable for you during, and most importantly, after the build. If you have considered finishing a room or basement to create a personalized home theater, please contact us for a free consultation! 

Illustrious Loungers

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Aristocratic Loungers

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